Friday, September 14, 2012

Performance Art Part II: DRAW! **UPDATED WITH PICS**

Welcome back, Meat-Heads! So last time I talked about my experience at the Boston Comic Con a couple weekends ago, and I wanted to follow that up with something a little more specific to the experience. When I got there, and got all set up, I really wasn't sure how I was going to feel about taking commissions from attendees. I'd never really had to draw "on demand" before, and I honestly wasn't super sure that a. I'd like it, or b. I'd be ABLE to do it!

(Man this song is great, isn't it?)

 Once things got going though, I found myself REALLY enjoying it.


  In addition to drawing, I play in a band who are lucky enough to play live shows every now and then. I caught the bug instantly, and playing live with my band quickly became one of my favorite things to do. For most visual artists, 99% of their working time is spent behind alone behind a board, with nothing but time to over-analyze the work they're doing, only to finish a piece, crack some knuckles and move on to the next one with little to no immediate gratification. Being at a convention like this, drawing in front of people, is really the closest thing to performing live that there is for an artist and I really found it exhilarating having to think on the fly and create something much like I would if I were on stage with my band. I really felt like it added some spark to the work that I was doing--I mean imagine a band who only puts out albums, and never plays live! It must be incredibly frustrating!

What are you trying to say?

NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, OF COURSE! I didn't mean to offend anyone, but even you guys, THE BEATLES, who were famous for the fact that after a certain point your performances were exclusive to the studio, IMMEDIATELY started performing live, within a year of going your separate ways.

Fair enough.

Except for you, Ringo--You apparently started a furniture company--but even you came back to live performances eventually.

I like couches.

Yeah...anyway...I really got a kick out of "performing live," even when people requested odd or obscure characters as it was extra gratifying when I stepped up to the challenge and NAILED them. The art I was doing was looser, less self conscious, and it just felt good to get out and do my thang in front of people who would appreciate it. I don't know how many conventions I'll be getting to on a yearly basis, I haven't thought that far ahead yet, but I'll definitely be doing more, and I will DEFINITELY be doing commission sketches. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the table at the convention, and to everyone else who's purchased a sketch-cover copy of Dead Meat#1! Until Next Time, EAT DEAD MEAT **PICTURE UPDATE** Hey, hey, Meat-Heads, thought I'd update with some pics of some of the sketch covers I've done so far! First up is Greg, that old scoundrel:

 The high-flyin, acrobats of Galdos!

 And here's two more odd requests: First is 70's Marvel Comics flower-child villain Angar the Screamer:

 And last but not least, what might be my favorite thing I've ever drawn--DC Comics villain Deathstroke, and Marvel Comics villain Task Master...playing pogs!

That's all for now, Meat-Heads! Until Next time...


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